Our Company

Think Algo is a Financial Technology Research and Development company. We focus on developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading system and Risk management for global financial markets across multi-asset classes e.g. equities, debts, derivatives, TFEX, ETF, DW, convertibles, and fund of funds.

In Thailand where stock market, trading platforms and regulations are very unique, we customize our models to best fit requirements of Thailand’s asset management and brokerage firms. In doing so, we work hard on the analytics of big data, regression, fundamental analytic filtering, millions of market scenario, and billions of simulated backtesting with the power of our A.I. technology.

Why A.I.?

Benefits of A.I. automated trading systems are twofold – investors and institutions (e.g. brokerage firms, asset managements, high-networth wealth management, personal financial planning, etc.). Think Algo can customize our output signals based on your investors’ expected return and your company’s specific requirements. Since our A.I. is capable of processing enormous market data, pre-backtesting and executing your trade strategies in less than 1 millisecond, A.I. speed and precision will help meet your ROI target based on your predetermined investment strategy.

Yes, you are in control of overall investment strategy. You choose returns you want and how much risks you are willing to take. A.I. is simply a helper with analytical power of thousands analysts under your hood.

From Basic to Advance

Think Algo’s backbones are our A.I. technology and local financial market know-how. Whether your business are in brokerage, asset management, pension fund, personal wealth management or even a listed company,  Think Algo has a set of A.I. products – from basic to advance – to plug-in with your existing platform, depending on your requirements.

Education and Training

We believe that investors must thoroughly understand rewards and risks of investment. Think Algo dedicates our resources to provide necessary education and training for investors who are interested in systematic trading and A.I. trading system. Since our automated platform does note require regular human intervention, investors must understand basics of A.I. trading systems and be able to decide investment strategy suitable for his/her risk appetite. We can work with brokerage firms and asset managements to arrange education materials, trainings and seminars.

Our Core Team

Our core team is a combination of robotic engineer, A.I. researcher, programer, professor, financier, trader, fundamental investor and senior advisors from reputable institutions.

Nop Vanasa

Founder and CEO of Think Algo. He is also CEO and Co-founder of Fortune Robotics Trading Co.,Ltd. with Asset Under Management (AUM) that reached THB 2,000 mil. Fortune Robotics Tradings has served investment and trading strategy R&D for one of the renowned financial institutions in the country since 2012. Prior to that, he worked as engineer, specializing in …

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robotics, automation and image processing at SONY. Nop holds Bachelor of Engineering from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok.

Chaiyakorn Yingsaeree, PhD

Senior Advisor
Ex-series 7/55/63 certified agent with over ten years experience in financial trading industry. Chaiyakorn received his PhD in Computer Science from University College London (UCL), focusing on computational finance and algorithmic trading. Prior to his current role, he worked as a quantitative researcher at Citadel Investment Group in New York…

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responsible for developing price prediction algorithms for high frequency Rates market making and market-making strategies in US OTC securities market.
Apart from his technical background, Chaiyakorn is also a motivational speaker and a serial entrepreneur. During the last three years, he co-founded several startups including Code of Success and JH Global Partners. In 2013, his team participated in the AIS Startup 2013 competition and was selected as the top five finalists. Currently, he is on a mission to empower young people to change their mindset and take action so that they can make a bigger impact on the world.

Toungtham Akaraprapakul

Toungtham is a researcher of Fortune Robotics Trading Co., Ltd. His research interests center on the study of integrated data mining techniques in stock market to finding pattern and to make inference and conclusions about data. His recent projects include a) Development of automated trading system using machine learning…

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and b) Selection of stock universe based on quantitative model. He finished his studies in Bachelor of Art at Tokai University, Japan, in 2012.

Vachara Suwansophon

Started coding since 12 years old. Now with more than 15 years experience in programming, Vachara has a firm and wide array of technical knowledge. After graduated from Management Information System with Computer Science minor diploma from Thammasat University, Vachara worked as Lead Technical Consultant for some years before moved on to find a new challenge with Think Algo.